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Regulations on Privacy
The website, http://www.dansuke.co.jp/ can only be used with the consent of the user. You cannot use the website unless you agree to these conditions.
Collection of Personal Data and the Scope of Its Usage
For visiting our website, you are not equired to give any personal information. One can access the website in anonymity. However, you are requested to give your name, mail address, etc., when asking for our catalogs, and so on.
Inquiries About our Privacy Policy
Concerning the personal information, contact us at:
Dansuke Company Ltd. Address : 〒910-1228 29-2-1 Shii, Eiheiji Town, Fukui Prefecture Mail address : info@dansuke.co.jp Tel / 0 7 7 6 - 6 3 - 3 0 2 0 Fax / 0776-63-4285
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